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The AC filter catches dirt and leaves that enter the AC air intake (under the hood, passenger side, below windshield) to prevent them from coming out of the air vents. It should be changed every 12 months or 15,000 miles.

Note: This filter was added in 1992 Legends, however the Blower assemblies from 1991 Legends are still designed to use the same filter. If you have a 1991 and have pictures of any possible differences in this procedure, please add them to this guide.

1. Remove Bottom Cover

The bottom cover of the glove box is held on by three plastic clips/screws. Remove all three. The center bolt shown here is already removed. The bottom cover should easily drop out of the way, disconnect the electrical connector (on Legends with courtesy footwell lights) and set the cover aside.
G2 ACFilter BottomCover.jpg G2 ACFilter BottomCoverBolt.jpg G2 ACFilter BottomCoverConnector.jpg

2. Remove Glove Box

A. Lining

Open the glove box, and pull the rear lining off from the top. It is held on with three clips.
G2 ACFilter GloveBoxLining.jpg G2 ACFilter GloveBoxLiningClip.jpg G2 ACFilter GloveBoxLiningRemoved.jpg

B. Damper

G2 ACFilter GloveBoxDamper.jpg

Reach behind the glove box and lift the damper string off of the hook. The string will retract back into the damper, this is fine, you can pull it back out later.

C. Hinges

G2 ACFilter BottomCoverRemoved.jpg
G2 ACFilter GloveBoxHingeBolt.jpg

Close the glove box. Remove the bolts from the hinges on the bottom. There is one hinge on each side, there will be 1 or 2 bolts on each hinge (8mm). After these bolts are removed, the glove box will still be held in place by the door latch, pull the handle to release the glove box.

D. Connector

G2 ACFilter GloveBoxConnector.jpg

Disconnect the electrical connector and set the glove box aside. This connector is for the trunk release security switch. If your trunk release button does not work after this DIY, check the switch and the connector.

3. AC Filter

Removing the filter cover and the filter itself will likely drop a mess of leaves on your carpet. Place something (newspaper, plastic sheet, etc.) beneath the filter before removing it to catch the leaves.

A. Remove The Filter Cover

G2 ACFilter FilterCoverTopScrew.jpg
G2 ACFilter FilterCoverBottomScrew.jpg

The AC filter is behind a cover that has some electrical connectors clipped to it. You do not need to remove or unplug the connectors. The cover is held in place with two screws, one on the top and one on the bottom. Remove both screws, pull the cover off, and push it aside. Optionally, you can unclip the wires and connectors from the cover and remove it completely.

B. Remove The Filter

G2 ACFilter FilterCoverRemoved.jpg

Pull the AC filter out of the opening. The OEM filter (79370-SP0-H01) is made from paper/cardboard and will look different from the one pictured here. This filter is cut from a home AC filter material. It's cheaper and catches small particles better, however it is not "charcoal impregnated" to catch odors like the OEM filter. If making your own filter, use the old filter to trace the size and shape.

C. Installing A New Filter

G2 ACFilter FilterRemoved.jpg

Vacuum the opening to remove any left over leaves or dirt. Slide the new filter into the opening.

4. Reinstallation

Reinstallation is the reverse of removal. Be sure to re-connect all electrical connectors and the damper behind the glove box.

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