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Removing Rear Seats - How to remove and install the rear seat cushion and backrest.
Door Detent Rod Lubrication - Removing, lubricating, and reinstalling the detent rod (AKA door checker).
Door Panel Removal - Removing and reinstalling the door panels.
Intake Manifold Removal and EGR Cleaning - Removing and disassembling the intake manifold to fully clean out the EGR system.
Bleeding The Coolant - The cooling system needs to be bled thoroughly. The basic procedure of loosening the bleed valve that works for most cars is not enough for the Legend.
Installing Q's Big 3+2 - How to install the Big 3+2 made by forum member Quaraxkad.
Installing Q's 6-wire Ground Kit - How to install the 6-wire Ground Kit made by forum member Quaraxkad.

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