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This guide explains how to remove and reinstall the door panels.

1. Removal

G2 DIY Door Panel.jpg

The door panels are held on by 4 screws and a number of clips.


G2 DIY Door Panel Screw Cover.jpg
G2 DIY Door Panel Screw Cover Removed.jpg

Using a small flat-head screwdriver, pry out the panel behind the door handle. This panel covers two screws, remove them both.


G2 DIY Door Panel Armrest Screws.jpg

The third and fourth screws are underneath the armrest. They are inset deeply, so you will need to feel around for them, and remove them both.


The rest of the door panel is held on with plastic and metal clips. The plastic clips go around the whole outer edge of the panel, except along the top. The exact number of clips may depend on the year and body style of your Legend, and the door you're working on, but expect there to be around 7 of them. Pry the door panel off of the door, starting at the bottom and working around to the sides is easiest. If any of these plastic clips break in the process, you can purchase replacements at any auto parts store. After all of those clips are removed, you will have to remove the metal clips along the top of the panel, at the base of the window. Pull straight up on the door panel to remove these clips, and lift it up over the door lock.


Once all the door panel clips are removed, you should be able to pull the panel out enough to reach behind it. Remove the inner door handle cable by prying it from the holder in the door panel, then slide the yellow clip off the cable and to the side, pull up on the cable to release it from the door panel. Disconnect all electrical connectors and set the door panel aside.
G2 DIY Door Panel Handle Cable a.jpg G2 DIY Door Panel Handle Cable b.jpg G2 DIY Door Panel Handle Cable c.jpg


G2 DIY Door Panel Panel Plastic.jpg

The plastic cover on the door is there to prevent water from entering the cabin. It is held in place by heat-activated glue. Remove it by simply peeling it off, leave the glue in place. You may need to remove a few screws if they are in the way of the plastic sheet. If you are only replacing a speaker, you will not need to remove this plastic sheet.

2. Reinstallation

Refer to the pictures above if needed.


Press the plastic sheet back in place over the door. If you have a heat-gun, you can use it to warm up the glue and allow it to stick better. Pull the electrical connectors through the sheet where needed.


Hold the door panel in place and re-connect all the electrical connectors. Slide the door handle cable pin back in place, and press the yellow clip back over the cable. Press the cable back into the holder on the door panel.


Slide the door panel back on at the top first, over the door lock, and press down to re-engage the clips. Pop all the clips around the door panel back in place by pressing the panel together against the door.


Replace the two screws under the arm rest, and the screws behind the door handle. Pop the screw cover back in place behind the door handle.

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