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Bottom Seat Cushion


G2 Rear Seat Cushion Tabs.jpg

Underneath the rear seat cushion are two plastic tabs. Pull on them to release the clips, and lift straight up on the front of the cushion.


G2 Rear Seat Cushion Hooks.jpg

The back of the seat cushion is held in by hooks that slide behind the seat back. To remove the cushion, pull up on the front, and tilt it backwards to slide the hooks out from behind the seat back.

Seat Back


G2 Rear Seat Back Bolt a.jpg
G2 Rear Seat Back Bolt b.jpg

Remove the 4 bolts (10mm M6x1.0) holding the bottom of the seat back to the car frame. The two outer bolts are next to the seat belt brackets, towards the inside. The two center bolts are behind a leather flap, directly behind the seat belt latches. (Passenger side bolts are shown here)

2. (sedan only)

G2 Rear Seat Headrests.jpg

Remove both headrests by squeezing the tab and lifting them out.

3. (sedan only)

G2 Rear Seat Back Top Bolt a.jpg
G2 Rear Seat Back Top Bolt b.jpg

Remove the bolts (10mm M6x1.0) behind the headrests. There is a seam in the leather behind the headrests, and one bolt behind that on each side.


G2 Rear Seat Back Hooks.jpg

After removing all 6 bolts (sedan) or 4 bolts (coupe), lift straight up on the seat back. There are two hooks on the back of the seat at the top that slide into the frame. The picture here shows where the hooks slide in behind the seat. Lift the seat straight up until these hooks are free. You may want to have one person on each side of the seat. After the hooks are free, you can remove the seat back.


Installation is the reverse of removal.

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