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Note: Text in red indicate notes that are not found in the original service manual from Helm, but are added here for additional help or clarifications.


  • Make sure jacks and safety stands are placed properly and hoist brackets are attached to the correct positions on the engine (see section 1).
  • Make sure the car will not roll off stands and fall while you are working under it.


  • Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces.
  • Unspecified items are common.
  • Unplug the wiring connectors carefully while holding the coupler and the connector portion to avoid damage.
  • Mark all wiring and hoses to avoid mis-connection.
    • Also, be sure that they do not contact other wiring or hoses or interfere with other parts.

NOTE: Anti-theft radios have a coded theft protection circuit. Be sure to get the customer's code number before:

  • Disconnecting the battery.
  • Removing the No. 56 (7.5 A) fuse in the under-hood fuse/relay box.
  • Removing the radio.

After service, reconnect power to the radio and turn it on. When the word "CODE" is displayed, enter the customer's 5-digit code to restore radio operation.

1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal first, then the positive terminal. Remove the battery.

2. Remove the radiator cap.

  • Warning:
    • Use care when removing the radiator cap to avoid scalding by hot engine coolant or steam.

3. Raise the hoist to full height.

4. Remove the engine splash shield.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step4.png

5. Drain the engine coolant (page 10-6).

  • Loosen the drain plug in the radiator.

6. Drain transmission and differential oil or fluid. Reinstall the drain plugs using new washers.

7. Drain the engine oil. Reinstall the drain bolt using a new washer.

  • Caution:
    • Do not overtighten the drain bolt.

8. Lower the hoist.

9. Remove the hood support mount bolts, then fix the engine hood in a vertical position.

10. Remove the strut bar, bracket, and suction pipe clamp (late '93-'95).

1991-Early 1993:
G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step10 91-e93.png

Late 1993-1995:
G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step10 l93-95.png

11. Remove the battery base and suction pipe clamp (late '93-'95)

1991-Early 1993
: G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step11 91-e93.png

Late 1993-1995:
G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step11 l93-95.png

12. Disconnect the engine wire harness connectors, then remove the under-hood fuse/relay box.

  • Remove the ground cable from cylinder block.
  • Remove the battery cable from starter motor B terminal.

13. Remove the throttle cover.

14. Remove the throttle cable and cruise control cable by loosening the locknuts, then slip the cable ends out of the throttle bracket and throttle linkage.

  • NOTE:
    • Take care not to bend the cable when removing it. Always replace any kinked cable with a new one.
    • Adjust the throttle cable when installing (see section 11).

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step14.png

15. Remove air cleaner assembly and intake air duct.

Type 1:
G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step15 T1.png

Type 2:
G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step15 T2.png

16. Remove the ignition control module (ICM) connector, harness clamp and engine ground cable.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step16.png

17. Disconnect three connectors, then remove the control box.

  • Do not disconnect the vacuum hoses.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step17.png

18. Disconnect four engine wire harness connectors and clamp.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step18.png

19. Relieve fuel pressure by slowly loosening the service bolt on the fuel filter about one turn (see section 11).

  • Warning:
    • Do not smoke while working on the fuel system. Keep open flame away from work area. Drain fuel only into an approved container.
  • Caution:
    • Before disconnecting any fuel line, the fuel pressure should be relieved as described above.
    • Place a shop towel over the fuel filter to prevent pressurized fuel from spraying over the engine.

20. Remove the fuel feed hose from the fuel filter and the fuel return hose from the fuel pressure regulator.

21. Disconnect the brake booster vacuum hose.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step21.png

22. Remove the evaporative emission (EVAP) purge control hose and EVAP vacuum hose from the install pipes.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step22.png

23. Disconnect the transmission sub-wire harness connector at the left rear of the engine compartment, then remove the harness clamp.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step23.png

24. Disconnect the radiator hoses, the radiator fan control sensor connector and the radiator fan motor connectors. Disconnect and plug the ATF cooler hoses Remove the radiator assembly.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step24.png

25. Remove vacuum pipe, emission control device solenoid valves, pulsed secondary air injection (PAIR) vacuum tank A and B.

  • Do not disconnect the P/S hoses.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step25.png

T2 Only:
26. Remove the TCS lower bracket from the power steering bracket and the TCS control valve assembly.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step26.png

27. Loosen the adjusting bolt and remove the mounting bolt/nut, then remove the power steering (P/S) pump belt and pump.

  • Do not disconnect P/S hoses.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step27.png

28. Remove the front tires/wheels.

29. Remove the damper forks (see section 18).

30. Disconnect the suspension lower arm ball joints with the special tool. Refer to section 18 for the proper procedure.

  • NOTE:
    • Adjust the tool so the jaws are parallel to each other.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step30.png

31. Remove the driveshafts. Suspend them with a rope as shown.

  • NOTE:
    • Coat all precision finished surfaces with clean engine oil or grease. Tie plastic bags over the driveshalt ends.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step31.png

32. Raise the hoist to full height.

33. Remove the lower plate from the rear beam, then retighten the steering gearbox mounting bolts (see section 17).

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step33.png

34. Remove the vehicle speed sensor (VSS)/power steering speed sensor.

  • Do not disconnect the hoses.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step34.png

35. Remove the three way catalytic converter.

36. Remove the heat shields.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step36.png

37. Remove the exhaust pipe A covers, exhaust pipe A and joint pipe assembly.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step37.png

38. Loosen the idler pulley center nut and adjusting bolt, then remove the air conditioning (A/C) compressor belt and compressor.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step38.png

Manual transmission (M/T) equipped cars:
39. Remove the slave cylinder from transmission housing (see section 12).

  • Do not disconnect the clutch hose.

Manual transmission (M/T) equipped cars:
40. Disconnect the shift rod and shift lever torque rod as shown.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step40.png

Automatic transmission (A/T) equipped cars:
41. Disconnect the shift control cable.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step41.png

42. Remove the engine mid mount nuts and bolts.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step42.png

43. Remove rear transmission mount bracket

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step43.png

44. Lower the hoist.

45. Remove the right and left brackets.

46. Remove the damper and center bracket.

47. Remove the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) passage bolt, then install a hook.

48. Attach a chain hoist to the engine. Raise the hoist to remove all slack from the chain.

49. Check that the engine/transmission is completely free of vacuum hoses, fuel and engine coolant hoses, and electrical wiring.

50. Slowly raise the engine approximately 150 mm (6in). Check once again that all hoses and wires have been disconnected from the engine/transmission assembly.

51. Raise the engine/transmission assembly all the way and remove it from the car.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step51.png

52. Install the engine in the reverse order of removal.

  • After the engine is in place:
    • Torque the engine mount bolts/nuts in sequence shown below.
    • Caution:
      • Failure to tighten the bolts in the proper sequence can cause excessive noise and vibration, and reduce bushing life: check that the bushings are not twisted or offset.
    • Check that the spring clip on the end of each driveshaft clicks into place.
    • Caution:
      • Use new spring clips.
    • Bleed air from the cooling system at the bleed bolt with the heater valve open.
    • Adjust the throttle cable tension.
    • Check the clutch pedal free play.
    • Check that the transmission shifts into gear smoothly.
    • Adjust the tension of the following drive belts.
      • Alternator belt (see section 23).
      • P/S pump belt (see section 17).
      • A/C compressor belt (see section 22).
    • Clean battery posts and cable terminals with sandpaper, assemble, then apply grease to prevent corrosion.
    • Inspect for fuel leakage.
      • After assembling fuel line parts, turn on the ignition switch (do not operate the starter) so that the fuel pump operates for approximately two seconds and the fuel is line pressurizes. Repeat this operation two or three times and check for fuel leakage at any point in the fuel line.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step52a.png

Engine Mount Bolts and Nuts Tightening Sequence:

  • Caution:
    • After loosening the special bolts, be sure to replace them with new ones.
  • Note:
    • Tighten the mounting bolts/nuts in the numbered sequence as shown (1-12)

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step52b.png

Mount and Bracket Bolts/Nuts Torque Value Specifications:

File:G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step52c.png

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step52d.png

Additional Mount Bolts Torque Value Specifications:

  • Note:
    • For manifold replacement, refer to Section 9.

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step52e.png

Sub Frame Mount Bolts Torque Value Specifications:

G2FSM S5 EngineRemovalAndInstallation Step52f.png

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