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This page is meant to serve as an FAQ for anyone interested in buying a ground wire or battery cable kit from me. I offer many options for customization of these kits, see below for details. Also see the discussion/Merchant thread on the forum:

Quaraxkad's "Big 3+2"

Looking for a Big 3 upgrade for your G2 Legend? I make what I call the Big 3+2 kit. It includes everything you need to completely remove and replace your old OEM battery cables and terminals. This is different from a traditional big 3 due to the Legends under-hood fusebox being inline with the alternator power wire, plus the addition of the battery to starter power wire. A traditional "big 3" is just not suitable for the Legend. To my knowledge, these are the only kits on the market that can replace the power wires going to and from the fusebox, due to the terminals that require modifications to fit in the Legend fusebox.

The "standard" kit is pictured below. It includes two 0-gauge KnuKonceptz Fleks cables (for B+ to Starter, B- to Block), three 4-gauge KnuKonceptz Fleks cables (for B+ to Fusebox, Fusebox to Alternator, B- to Frame), a pair of KnuKonceptz KonFused battery terminals, gold ring terminals modified to fit the Legends alternator, starter, and block ground, two special copper lug terminals modified to fit the Legend fusebox, and your choice of color braided sleeving (note: the sample photo below does not have braided sleeving, see the photos in the Gallery below for an idea of what braided cable looks like). All terminals are properly crimped for optimum electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. The ends of every cable are labeled to help ensure correct installation.
Standard Big 3+2 Kit

Ground Kits

These are supplemental wires added to your Legend to ensure good grounding across the engine bay for all components. There are two options for ground wire kits. First is the 5-wire kit based on the old DIY from ( I believe the kit that this DIY was based on was not designed specifically for the Legend, as a result the lengths are not perfect and the routing isn't ideal. The second option is a kit with 6-wires and slightly shorter total cable length, shorter is always better when dealing with power and especially ground wire. It touches some important points that the generic kit does not, and I believe it is a better method overall.

Koji Ground Wire Kit

Battery Reloction

Battery relocation kits include all the cables, inline fuse holders, ring terminals, distribution blocks, and battery terminals that you need to relocate your battery from the engine bay to the trunk.
Battery Relocation Kit

Amplifier Power/Ground Wire, Custom Lengths and Kits

If you need any custom lengths of cable for amplifier installation, kits for other cars, etc, I can also provide these with any of the sleeving options shown here. Price will depend on gauge, length, and options.


Fleks Colors

KnuKonceptz Fleks is available in Black (4/0 only), Smoke, Blue, Red, and a special Kandy series in Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple. All colors are the same cost, and you can choose different colors for each individual cable if you'd like.
0000-gauge Smoke Fleks 0-gauge Smoke Fleks 0-gauge Blue Fleks 0-gauge Red Fleks 0-gauge Kandy Blue Fleks 0-gauge Kandy Green Fleks 0-gauge Kandy Orange Fleks 0-gauge Kandy Purple Fleks

KCA Colors

KnuKonceptz KCA is available in Black, Blue, and Red; a special Kandy series in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Yellow; and a special Metallics series in Gunmetal, Pearl, and Silver. You can choose different colors for each individual cable if you'd like.
0-gauge Black KCA 0-gauge Blue KCA 0-gauge Red KCA 0-gauge Kandy Blue KCA 0-gauge Kandy Green KCA 0-gauge Kandy Orange KCA 0-gauge Kandy Pink KCA 0-gauge Kandy Purple KCA 0-gauge Kandy Yellow KCA 0-gauge Metallic Gunmetal KCA 0-gauge Metallic Pearl KCA 0-gauge Metallic Silver KCA

Battery Terminals


This is the battery terminal included with the standard Big 3+2. It is made by KnuKonceptz. It has three ultra-high strength fittings for cables from 0 gauge to 8 gauge. It has a chrome finish and an optional acrylic cover. These are great terminals and the fittings are extremely strong when properly installed: There's no risk of a cable coming loose like with most aftermarket set-screw terminals. If you need to connect small gauge wires for aftermarket accessories, you should either plan on adding a distribution block or using the one of the terminal below. This terminal is also very large, and you will not be able to fit jumper cables over them.
KonFused Terminal KonFused Terminal KonFused Terminal KonFused Terminal KonFused Terminal


This is a very small, but still very versatile battery terminal. It can hold up to THREE 4/0 gauge cables, or FIVE 0 gauge cables. All connections are made through ring terminals.
Basic Terminal Basic Terminal Basic Terminal


This terminal has set-screws for a 0 gauge, 4 gauge, and 8 gauge cables (one each). It also has a ring terminal post for up to 4/0 gauge.
Ultimate Terminal Ultimate Terminal Ultimate Terminal

Cable Sleeves

Nylon Braid

Nylon braid sleeving is available in many different colors. The ends are terminated by adhesive dual-wall heatshrink to prevent fraying. It is primarily an aesthetic upgrade, but it also provides a some abrasion resistance to protect the cables from being cut or scraped.
Sample black braid over red Fleks cable.

Braid Colors

Black Braid Carbon Braid White Braid Clear Braid Gray Braid Shimmer Braid Platinum Gray Braid Gray White Braid Monochrome Braid Black Red Braid Checkered Flag Braid Black Beige Braid Safety Stripe Braid Desert Braid Brown Braid Beige Braid Blue Braid NeonBlue Braid Ground Braid Green Braid NeonGreen Braid Ogre Braid NeonPink Braid Purple Braid Dark Purple Braid Orange Braid Red Braid NeonRed Braid Yellow Braid Neon Yellow Braid Corn Braid Nitrox Braid Twilight Braid Superhero Braid Snake Braid Sherbert Braid Patriot Braid Jester Braid Holiday Braid Hip Hop Braid Fire Braid Camo Braid Desert Camo Braid Denim Braid Uptown Gold Braid Uptown Green Braid Uptown Purple Braid Uptown Yellow Braid

Braided Sleeving Coverage

Braided sleeving can be applied in different sizes to either hide the wire inside or allow it to show through. The options are Light, Medium, and Full Coverage. Light coverage is not available on 0-gauge wires.
Light - Medium - Full

Metallic Braids

Braided sleeving is also available in special materials.
Silver Mylar braid Chrome Mylar braid High coverage Chrome Mylar braid Carbon Fiber braid Gold Mylar braid Stainless Steel braid Full Coverage Stainless Steel braid Tinned Copper braid

Wire Loom

Wire loom protects cables from heat, oil, dirt, etc. It comes in 9 colors. Chrome loom is a different material from all the other colors, it is thicker, stronger, and more resistant to heat, but a lot more expensive.
Quar Loom Chrome.jpg Quar Loom Black.jpg Quar Loom Beige.jpg Quar Loom Blue.jpg Quar Loom Gray.jpg Quar Loom Orange.jpg Quar Loom Red.jpg Quar Loom White.jpg Quar Loom Yellow.jpg


Distribution Block

A distribution block is useful if you have more devices needing power wires than your battery terminals can handle on their own. They come in fused and un-fused versions. an un-fused block is generally called a "ground distribution block" but it can also be used for power wires. The exact configuration of battery terminals, distribution blocks, and inline fuses will depend on your specific setup.
Quar DistBlock KonFused a.jpg


Heatshrink is used to cover the crimps on ring terminals and to prevent braided sleeving from fraying. Dual-Wall heatshrink is used on cables with braided sleeving, it has an internal layer of adhesive that melts and sticks to the braid to ensure it stays firmly in place.

Heatshrink Colors

Black Heatshrink Blue Heatshrink Gray Heatshrink Green Heatshrink Orange Heatshrink Purple Heatshrink Red Heatshrink White Heatshrink Yellow Heatshrink


If you have any questions or would like to purchase a kit, please send a PM to Quaraxkad on


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